Unlawful Destruction, Demolition Of Citizens’ Properties By Military Personnel From 6 Division Headquarters, Port Harcourt By Micheal Solanke

Our country, Nigeria, in the year 2020, witnessed numerous tremendous events that overreached the citizens and the economy of the state at large. Particularly, the #ENDSARS protest that started in the month of October, 2020 snowballed into chaos and eventual loss of lives and destruction of properties in the country and Rivers state. It is safe to say that during this trying time of the country, some citizens in Rivers state lost numerous friends and relatives in Oyigbo and many properties and goods worth millions of Naira were destroyed and stolen.

The Rivers state government deployed military personnel from 6 Division Headquarters, Port Harcourt,  The military, consequently, mounted their station at the Oyigbo Express junction within the area the property of the below named persons is situated.

However, it is painstaking to note that the reasons why the military personnel were brought out from the barracks were defiled by the same military men as they embarked on a journey of operation “destruction of properties”. Particularly, the properties of MR CHIBUIKE NWACHUKWU, MRS CHINAKA OLUCHI ONUKA (NEE NWACHUKWU) AND MRS EZINNE KELECHI EJIONYE (NEE NWACHUKWU who are citizens of the state and have been in undisturbed ownership and possession of same.

The military men positioned in the local government invaded the  property situate at and described as No. 22 Aba/Port Harcourt, Expressway, Oyigbo Express junction, Oyigbo, Rivers state belonging to the names aforementioned above and destroyed it. The owners of the property are poised to cry out and protest over the military invasion, unlawful occupation, destruction, demolition and carting away of their ’ property and sell of all goods thereon without their consent.

The men of the Nigerian Army eventually demolished the metal canopy in the filling station and carted away with the iron to an unknown destination. Similarly, on Saturday, 9th day of January, 2021, the men of the Nigerian Army unlawfully entered the property and demolished the one storey building housing sixteen (16) units of lock up shops fully stocked with wares and goods worth millions of Naira belonging to them(owners) and tenants. It is most shocking to learn that such mayhem was orchestrated by an agent of the federal government of Nigeria deployed to protect the lives and properties of the citizens. The motive and sponsors of these actions are yet to be unravelled by the owners.

Such opression are without any form of justification and legal backing. The commercial activities carried out at the property are genuine, legal and open. The concerned persons are law abiding citizens and had never condoned any illegality within the property and had always maintained lawful conduct.

In all fairness,this is a clear sample of injustice. This is the only source of their livelihood and it has been destroyed by the Nigerian Army that ordinarily has a duty to protect the lives and property of the citizens. Invariably, the human rights of these concerned citizens have been gravely breached by the Nigerian Army

That the Nigerian Army could fail to heed to the instruction of the one who sent them on errand(Governor) vindicates the lines of Legendary Afrobeat singer, Fela, in one of his songs is really disturbing.  Sadly, the unlawful actions of these men still persists within the same property unchallenged and without any justifiable basis. 

Not only are the concerned persons affected, residents living within this axis still find it impossible to freely paddle the route to their respective houses due to the intimidating and/or inhuman operation offered by the military.

Nigerians, do we have the Nigeria Army or the Nigerian “Harm-y”?

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