Sunday Igboho: One Shouldn’t Enjoy The Privileges Of Royalty And Defecate On Oneself By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Crimes has no tribe or religion, the perpetrators  domiciled in every nooks and crannies of the country. Ethnicity has been the major problems that  ripped off our coexistence for peace and stability, Sango Kataf crisis still fresh in my memories. 

Our society has becomes a designated survival, we are in a  valley of a tactless and horrible atmospheric pressure. The impunity in this country has manifest and thrived toward a destructive Reign that has no good ending.  

We are in a displaced moment of irreversible, the inability of the government to protect the lives and properties of the citizens  they sworn to protect has force people out to their shell to defend themselves with all means. 

The resistance activities of the nomadic fulani’s in the South West is a collective responsibility by all sundry. Burning of fulani properties won’t solve the problem, it rather make it worst.

Though, General Muhammedu Buhari has shirks out his responsibilities by subjugate his position to face war to the people he should have protected. The people he failed to protect are pushed back to the wall to protect themselves from nomadic fulani herdsmen. 

It’s whatever is left unattended that the goat’s mouth get to. We all know that,  not all fulani are kidnappers as been labelled. We have thousands of fulani people that are educated and productive and living peaceful with others. 

It is the government fault which abdicate his responsibilities and inability to declared the Nomadic fulani herdsmen as a terrorist group, which gives Sunday Igboho the audacious quest to give fulani ultimatum to leave the South West. 

Sunday Igboho has forgotten that,  whoever is pursuing something ahead, is actually leaving some other things behind. We have a lot of cultists and ritualists terrorizing the South West, killing innocent people  on daylight spot. 

The 1 million boys, white handkerchief boys, Omije that are terrorizing Lagos and Ogun state are spared out. Sunday Igboho forgot that crimes has no tribe or religion. The failure of Nigeria government to tackled the excess killings by the Nomadic fulani from the beginning gave people like Sunday Igboho the privilege to take law into their hands. 

The country is already at the verge of collapsing and if care is not taken, Sunday Igboho approach can result into ethnicity war. The tension in the country is on higher voltage, the reprisal of fulani attacks can throw the country into another civil war. 

And Whoever had once been bitten by a snake, would flee at the sight of an earthworm.

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