Shoot-On-Sight Directive: Go After Killer Herders With AK-47, Don’t Frame Local Hunters, Igboho Warns Security Operatives

Yoruba freedom fighter and activist, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has warned security operatives in the country not to be biased in carrying out the shoot-on-sight directive given by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The president had earlier ordered the military to shoot on sight anyone seen with an AK-47 rifle in the bush.

But in a viral video on Tuesday, Igboho said Yoruba leaders are happy with the directive as it will put an end to the herdsmen menace in the country.

He, however, warned that security operatives should not mistake local hunters with double or single-barrelled guns for those with AK-47s.

He stated that the Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi had revealed the hideouts of killer-herdsmen armed with AK-47s, stressing that security operatives should go after those ones and not local hunters and security guards who use single or double-barrelled guns for protection purposes.

He said, “We are very happy with the shoot-on-sight order given by President Buhari over the issue of those herders who use AK-47. The world can see what the herders are doing and what they have done, we are happy with the directive given by the President.

“We can see that all we have been saying has paid off somehow, it’s not that these killer-herdsmen are just using AK-47s for the first time to kidnap, rape, rob and cause trouble but we thank God that what we have said has brought about a positive outcome.

“What I want to say is this, policemen, operatives of the Department of State Services, soldiers and civil defence officers, that the government has given the order to shoot on sight those who use AK-47 for evil, we want you to know that Sheikh Gumi has shown you where herders with AK-47s stay and President Buhari never said you should be biased in this issue. He did not say you should head to only Yorubaland and Igboland and start killing people.

“Let it not be that you will see a double-barrelled or single-barrelled gun with my family member in Yorubaland here, with my fathers that are going to the farm, my brothers that are using it for security purposes to protect themselves, you will now shoot them and place AK-47 before them that you saw them with such, don’t try such a thing.

“We plead with you soldiers, police, DSS operatives, don’t try such a thing. Do as the government has directed you. Gumi has revealed where the killer herdsmen are staying, that’s where we want you to go, don’t come after our own family in Yorubaland.

“Don’t try to frame someone you see with a single or double-barrelled gun, kill the person and place an AK-47 before him. If you try it, you will regret it, please don’t try it. This message is from all Yoruba indigenes all over the world.”

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