Sheikh Abubakar Gumi’s Hidden Agenda Against Our Nation, By Bishop Steven Ogedengbe

Sheikh Abubakar Gumi is the Defacto Head of the Bandits with Demonic Evil Agenda that will cause our Nation a very Serious setback if not carefully tamed 

He said the terrorists don’t like to be called Bandits and that they don’t kill except by Mistake; what a terrible words from a Cleric and also he said that Christians Soldiers are the one that kill and burn people’s properties what an ironic Madness from the pits of hell’ ..I call on our government to quickly arrest this man and all his followers and flush these enemies away from our forest with immediate effect provided the government and their agents are not connected.

I also called on All Christians in Nigeria to begin to pray for all our military officers before they begin to kill them one after the other because they are being labelled and made vulnerable for all sorts of attacks.

Our Nation is in Serious danger with the rate of killings and kidnappings without any significant help from the government that has a responsibility of providing security and also a duty to protect life and properties of its citizens.

How do we negotiate with unrepentant Bandits that kill with impunity and Fulani Herdsmen aggression against innocent citizens across our Nation. 

We can only pray for Divine intervention as soon as possible May God help Nigeria…

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