Senate President Ahmed Lawan And Fulani Barbarians, By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Senate President Ahmed Lawan, commenting on the tsunami of chaos, disorder, and terrorism unleashed on Nigeria by Fulanis said: “I believe that majority of Nigerians believe that they should stay together – and I mean the ordinary Nigerians… I believe that the unity of this country is non-negotiable.”

The word “barbarian” was used to refer to the native  or savage, the wild (untamed) man, the cruel man who lacks grace.” Lawan and Fulani perfectly fit the definition of barbarians. How can a senate president oozes out such cow dung that “unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable” in the face of blatant injustice, deliberate marginalization, and unchecked terrorism perpetrated by his Fulani kinsmen backed up by General Muhammadu Buhari?

How dare Lawan preach unity when 99,99 per cent positions and appointments in federal ministries, agencies, and institutions are headed by Fulanis? Yorubas and other ethnic groups are excluded and locked out in all federal positions. Without justice there can NEVER be peace. Who’s the Fulani barbarian to determine whether Nigeria’s unity is negotiable or non-negotiable? Do Fulani barbarians have the prerogative to dictate which ethnic group leave or stay in Nigeria? Who are the ordinary Nigerians calling for Nigeria to remain one? The truth is, only the political leeches like Lawan who profit from the miseries of ordinary Nigerians are fighting to keep Nigeria one. 

To be human is to be civilized. It means having good habits and fine taste, and governing one’s life rationally. The difference is clear between Yorubas and Fulanis. Fulanis are savages and barbarous. They pose clear and present danger to Yorubas and Yoruba civilization. Fulanis are not connected to reason, logic, fairness, equity, justice, freedom, liberty, and democracy. Yorubas on the other hand, are civilized people. Yorubas are humanized through the inculcation of good habits and through the liberal disciplines. Yorubas believe the bonds that holds humanity together are wisdom, reason, compassion, love, tolerance, acceptance. Teaching and learning, communication, discussion, and reason joins men in fellowship. Fulanis are nasty, unreasonable, unintelligent, raw, crude, and cruel.

For those still being led by greed and foolishness in support of one unworkable Nigeria, Fulani barbarians would never allow true federalism because it will erode and erase their power grid on the center. If they were serious about unity and keeping Nigeria one, they should have done the following that men and women of reason had called for longest time ago:

(1) A new Constitution by the representatives of the people. (2) Transfer 68 items on the federal exclusive list to state and local governments while 30 should go to the center. (3) Create more states in the Southwest and South-south to be at par with the number of states in the north. (4) Adhere strictly to Federal Character in all federal appointments and employments. (5) Dismantle the Lugard relic aka Nigeria Police Force and replace it with state and local government police. (6) A new revenue allocation formula based on derivation. And much more. Now, it’s too late and too little for the Fulani barbarians to cajole, deceive, or trick Yorubas to staying in Nigeria. Our minds are made up. There’s no going back on Oduduwa Nation… we are on our way out!

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