One Nigeria? It Is Better To Be Distant Friends Than Close Enemies, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Nigeria is a 60-year-old marriage that has produced no good fruits but anger, hatred and sadness. The relationship is so fraudulent and manipulative. Obviously the marriage was not planned for futuristic purpose. 

The conjugality of being together in a marriage that has sustained several injuries through perseverance and tolerance in order to avoid a divorce that could coerce the children into criminality has produced nothing other than intimidation, penury and deaths. 

Now, however, the pains  have gone beyond the stage of resistance.

The Nigerian system of government is toxic, very horrible. The system has for decades harboured and encouraged criminals. It exists only to favour those who dominate the political space – criminals ruining the future of several unborn generations.

Nigeria’s problems as a country are critical and huge. The inability of the present government to neutralise tensions in the country and implement the restructuring programme that people are clamouring for, especially in the aspect of decentralisation of power and implementation of resource control, is disturbing.

Our livelihood has been truncated by a military tyrant who unsuccessfully pretends to be a democrat.

Insecurity in the country has taken a different dimension and our countrysides have been turned into wastelands with thousands of people forced into abandoning their homes to unknown destinations, whilst numerous of them are now internally displaced people in their own country – Nigeria.

Our farm lands have been hijacked and used for grazing by the nomadic Fulanis, whilst our roads are deathtraps and have become ideal places of operation for kidnappers and armed robbers. No corner of Nigeria is safe under an incompetent and disastrous Buhari.

It is obvious that the Buhari regime is bias in handling the security situation in the country. Pampering terrorists and killer herdsmen whilst using force on people demanding good governance away from the suffocating conditions he has created in Nigeria.

The terrorist organisation under the guise of Miyetti Allah  has killed, kidnapped and raped people without any arrest or investigation from any of the security agencies.  This deadly organisation still has the audacity to come out openly on national television to threaten the peaceful coexistence of the country.

Weeks ago, Nigerian Army  launched  attacks on some secessionists in the Eastern part of the country, meanwhile some governors in the Northern part of the same country are busy holding several meetings with terrorists.

Everywhere has turned to crack and shamble, nothing is working. Our security, health, education, infrastructure are nothing to write home about. Many people are dying as I write. Thousands have been jailed for committing no crime, millions have dropped out of school mainly because of poverty or insecurity.

Our mothers and sisters have been raped, maimed, killed and kidnapped by the nomadic Fulani terrorists. These terrorists have hijacked people’s lands, and are threatening to take over everywhere, claiming Nigeria belongs to their ancient parents.

Aggrieved regions feeling cheated and marginalised are ready to part ways with the contraption called one Nigeria, which causes more harm to them than good, owing to bad leadership.

No region is fighting against another region as claimed by some political hoodlums who are eyeing 2023 presidency and are trying to portray the separation as civil war centric.

One should ask why the Northerners do not want to separate from Nigeria, while the Southerners and the Easterners are adamant to have their own sovereignty without bloodshed. Obviously the fraudulent document called Nigerian constitution caused more harm than good.

The government has failed woefully in its primary responsibility to secure lives and properties. Moreover, the future of Nigeria is not guaranteed. And no Nigerian is more important or better than Nigeria.

If unity and progress as displayed on Nigeria’s coat of arm has been shot dead by ethnicity, religion and nepotism, it becomes clear that the foundation of Nigeria is weak. Therefore, the country called Nigeria cannot bear this heavy burden other than to separate all the pillars.

Since one Nigeria is not yielding any good results other than the imposition of religion by way of intimidation and brutal killing of innocent people, imposition of one tribe over the entire country, and the privatisation of public wealth by an insignificant minority, it becomes justifiable to say that Nigeria is overdue for separation from its joint birth.

Clearly, we’ll be better off as distant friends than the close enemies that we have become.

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