Oluwo On Tinubu’s Errand By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Today, the word “bastard” is used as an insult, or to describe children born out of wedlock. My own definition of a bastard is someone who puts his or his paymaster’s selfish goals, vested interests, or personal ideologies above the needs of Yoruba people.

Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, in his completely organic farm fresh bullshit while addressing Yoruba community in Sokoto said: “Scheming won’t succeed. 2023 project is a Yoruba assignment.

The traditional rulers and Yoruba stakeholders have fundamental roles to play. The bottom is to see Yoruba conducting the affairs of Nigeria in 2023 after the incumbent.

Nigeria cannot be divided when it is our turn to preside. The next fortune won’t elude us. Is it now that it’s the turn of the Yoruba to become president that we are clamouring for freedom”?

Oluwo needs no introduction as a looney. He once declared himself Emir of Iwo. He is a wife beater. Women predator and molester. A thug. A mother fucker. And many more. Recently, he added a new title to his torn royal dress and tainted crown: The Bastard Bastard. 

How can a Bastard Bastard speak on behalf of Yorubas? How can a sexual predator, women molester, wife beater, fornicator, adulterer, thug, and a mother fucker represent the yearnings and aspirations of Yoruba people? How can a looney head discuss, determine, or decide which way Yoruba will go? The above character analysis of Oluwo portrays him as a Bastard Bastard. He does not possess a moral compass. He has never denied he’s a bastard. 

Oluwo will literally suck the usefulness out of his friends like a spider and give a wan smile while doing so just to please Tinubu.  Oluwo is the standard bastard, the magnifying glass of other bastards advocating for Tinubu presidency. If Tinubu asked Oluwo to sit on a heap of manure, he will gladly jump on top of it.

What difference will Tinubu presidency make? He has no good record of governance. What did he achieve as Lagos State Governor for eight years? How many jobs did he create? How many public housing units did he build? How many miles of roads did he construct?  How many schools and hospitals did he build? He emptied the treasury in Lagos. That was his legacy. Same with all his handpicked cronies as governors in Lagos.

Oluwo and his ilk can never be part of the agitation for Oduduwa Nation because they make their living in a Nigeria of organized chaos and manufactured crisis. As he continues on his road side comedy show with Tinubu, Oluwo will outdo himself as a bastard. We are moving ahead!

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