Ogoni Movement Dissolves Factions, Appoints Committee To Spearhead Agitations

The Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People Peace Committee has announced the dissolution of its factions, stating that it has appointed 12 members of a coordinating committee to spearhead its agitations with the government.

MOSOP stated in a release that the committee members were drawn from the six kingdoms of Ogoni nation to coordinate its activities and carry out other tasks.

The committee members are: Dr. Gbenemene Kpae, Prince Austin Kabari, Dr. Fortune Chujor, Jane Osarodee, Rev. Williams Probel, Nubari Saatah, Dum Syl Aminikpo, Nubarido Bariepie, Confidence Toghi, Stella Amanie, Legborsi Yamaabana, and Nwinadum Wey.

The MOSOP committee said, “We held an emergency physical meeting on Wednesday, March 10, and the meeting had in attendance MOSOP activists who were steering committee members of MOSOP under the late Ken Saro-Wiwa leadership of MOSOP, founding members of MOSOP and other prominent Ogoni leaders of thought.

“The meeting reaffirmed the decisions contained in its earlier press statement dissolving all factions of the MOSOP leadership and lamented the factionalisation of MOSOP which put the hitherto revered organisation into bad light and the negative impact it has had on the economic, political and environment challenges facing the Ogoni nation (sic).

“The meeting announced the formation of a coordinating committee, MOSOP Peace Coordinating Committee, comprising 12 Ogoni sons and daughters drawn from the six kingdoms of Ogoni nation to coordinate its activities and carry out administrative and other tasks that may be assigned to them by the MPC.

“We resolved to meet again on Friday, March 26, with an expanded group of Ogoni stakeholders to approve its plan that will accelerate this reconciliation process and create a conducive atmosphere for the emergence of a MOSOP leadership acceptable to all and sundry without fear or favour.”

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