Nigerian Civil Societies, Activists, Labour Leaders Form New Political Party Ahead 2023 Elections

A coalition of civil society groups, labour unionists, human rights activists, legal practitioners, socialists, and others have formed a new political movement named ‘People’s Alternative Political Movement’ (PAPM) aimed at achieving a new Nigeria.

The coalition vowed to take Nigeria back from the current political actors who have destroyed the nation’s economy and brought hardship and hunger upon Nigerians.

A communique issued by the People’s Alternative Political Movement and signed by Co-Chair, Professor Toye Olorode, and Secretary, Comrade Jaye Gaskia in Abuja on Sunday at the end of a 2-day summit declared that the new movement would commit to the emergence of a mass workers party and the socialist transformation of Nigeria.

The group said it would use the next three months to carry out consultations that will help strengthen the movement, popularise the political platform and its program, mobilise other left groups and radical progressive forces to join the new initiative.

The communique read: “Delegates engaged in serious deliberations and debates and resolved on the following as the key takeaways, commitments and outcomes of the summit:

“That a Common Political Platform be established as a tool for political engagement, social intervention, and contestation for political power.

“That the political platform shall be named in the interim as ‘The People’s Alternative Political Movement’ but with the ideological identity of the Coalition reflected in the description of the Movement (A coalition committed to the emergence of a mass workers party and the socialist transformation of Nigeria).

“Towards this end, the Summit adopted a Political Action Programme and an Economic Action Plan as the basic working documents of the new movement and the basis for mobilizing and organizing the working and exploited peoples of Nigeria.

“An interim framework for the organising of the Movement and the composition of its interim organs and leadership was adopted.

“The next three months shall be used by participating organizations in the new movement to carry out consultations that will help to strengthen the movement, popularize the political platform and its program, mobilize other left groups and radical progressive forces to join us in the new initiative, and intervene regularly in the day-to-day struggles of the popular masses across the country.”

The group said it would strengthen its relationship with the labour movement in order to reclaim the workers’ movement, broaden the base and promote working peoples’ participation in the political and economic processes of the country towards the realisation of the socialist transformation of Nigeria.

Members of the Coalition include Alliance on Surviving Covid-19 and Beyond (ASCAB), Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC), Joint Action Front (JAF), Coalition for Revolution (CORE), Take Back Nigeria, Amalgamated Union of Public Corporation Civil Service and Recreational Service Employees (AUPCTRE), and National Union of Allied Health Professionals (NUAHP).

Others are Federation of Informal Workers of Nigeria (FIWON), Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), People’s Redemption Party (PRP), Socialist Labour (SL), Socialist Workers and Youth League (SWL), Civil Rights Council (CRC), and Social Mobilisation Project (SMP).

More Action Less Talk (MALT), Protest to Power (P2P), Human Rights Defenders and Protectors (HRD), Social Action (SA), Social Accountability and Environmental Sustainability Initiative (SAESI), National Youth Democratic Association (NYDA), Nigerian Youth Choice (NYC), Youth Alternative Leadership Movement of Nigeria (YALMON), and Tubali Development Association (TDA).

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