Man Alleges Ethnic, Religious Discriminations Against Non-Indigenous Teachers In Yobe State

A man who once served as a headteacher at a secondary school in Yobe State, has alleged ethnic and religious discriminations against non-indigenous teachers in the state. 

Speaking with SaharaReporters on the condition of anonymity, the man said the state government in 2012 terminated the appointment of a lot of teachers, especially those not from the state. 

He said: “In 2001, I left for Yobe where I was working as a teacher on contract basis and the then governor said all teachers in the employ of Yobe state government should be given employment based on merit but it was not complied with.

“In 2005, the governor happened to visit a school where I was teaching and I was privileged to talk to him but the team with him felt so embarrassed –the Speaker, Head of Service; they were so annoyed and I was transferred from there to the border close to the Niger Republic. 

“Up to this moment, non-indigenous teachers are not given promotion, this is what we are fighting for. I left in 2012 because in 2012, they terminated the appointment of many non-indigenous teachers and they were not given anything as remuneration because they were contract staff members.

“I feel someone should be able to speak about the issue so that at the end of the day, there will be justice. They said we are one Nigeria, I am from Benue State. How can someone from Benue working in Yobe be regarded as non-indigenous when we are all from the North? These are the issues. 

“They don’t give permanent appointments or even promotions to non-indigenes. Non-indigenes are denied promotion. During my time, they at least promoted me to level 12 but now, no more promotion and the majority of those teaching are non-indigenes and they are non-Muslims, it is on that basis that they discriminate against them.”

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