Kenyan, Nigerian Drug Dealers Arrested With Heroin In South Sudan

Police in South Sudan’s capital of Juba have arrested at least two Kenyans and two Nigerians with at least 26 kilograms of heroin at the busy Juba International Airport.

“This evening at around 4 PM, five people including two Kenyan nationals and two Nigerian nationals were intercepted at Juba international airport carrying 26 kilograms of heroin,” General Justin told SudansPost in an interview.

The police spokesman said the five included a South Sudanese national lured into the criminal business unknowingly.

He added that the investigation was ongoing, and the four foreigners would be produced in court once the investigation is done.

“Among the five is a South Sudanese national who was lured into working with the team without knowing the context of the business. Now, we are conducting the investigation and once we are done, our guys will be produced in court,” he said.

Crimes in South Sudan are skyrocketing at an alarming rate. Last month, national security authorities arrested two men, including a Liberian national, who had almost $2 million counterfeit money and machine.


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