Kano: Students Sit On Broken Floors In Tumbledown Public Schools As Goats, Sheep Inhabit Premises

Most public schools in Kano are crumbling as the state government fails to rehabilitate the schools’ facilities. In his third chronicle of infrastructure at schools in the state, Abdulmalik Lukman reports that students are subjected to conditions that are unfit for learning. 

The state government has largely neglected Tsamiyar Kara Primary School in Gezawa Local Government Area of Kano State for about 18 years. The schools’ buildings have cracks in the walls, and the ceilings have fallen off. 

Most pupils sit on broken and dusty floors as the school lacks chairs and desks. They defecate in the open because the toilets have been abandoned due to lack of water.

Sani Danzaki, a parent of one of the pupils, lamented the school’s deplorable condition. 

“Most of our public schools are sharing the same pathetic story, no good chairs, rotten ceilings, crack walls, unprofessional teachers and lack of teaching materials,” Danzaki said.  

He pointed out the consequences of neglecting public schools in the state: “All the lapses have made most of our students dull because the learning atmosphere is unconducive.” 

Another school, Dausayi Special Primary School in Gezawa Local Government Area, is in ruins. Parts of the school’s roofs have collapsed.

The school does not have chairs and desks, blackboards and qualified teachers. Almost all the pupils sit on the dusty floors. 

In some of the classrooms, goats and sheep have taken over with their faeces littered all over the premises. 

Similar decay was also observed at Galinja and Kauran Primary School in Madobi Local Government Area. 

Most of the classes are ramshackle without windows and doors. During school hours, students could be seen sitting on the bare floor.

At Kwandila Government Primary School in Kano metropolis, the facilities are appalling. Only a small portion of the school’s buildings could accommodate students as many of the classrooms have collapsed while pupils crowd the few remaining classrooms where they sit on the floor. 

The overall school environment is filthy as the pupils defecate around the premises. 

Ali Ahmed, a community leader at Fagge, said he had tried to get the school rehabitabited but had not succeeded.  

“No teachers in schools,” Ahmed said. “On various occasions, I organised demonstrations for the availability of teachers but no positive outcomes.  The few teachers in the schools are also not producing better and sound knowledge.  The education system is a pity in Kano State.”

Commercial Secondary School in Fagge Local Government Area has deteriorated due to lack of maintenance by the government. 

“Some of the renovations are made by private bodies and charity organizations,” said a community leader who spoke on condition of anonymity. 

“Most of the projects were proposed but either they were done halfway or entirely abandoned. Most of the classes are not well built to standard. We are appealing to the government to renovate the neglected classes for a well educational atmosphere for our students.”

Schools Report is an initiative of the Civic Media Lab to check corruption in education administration and demand accountability from the state and local governments.

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