How Policeman Threatened To Kill Me Over His Daughter’s Ordeal— Comedian

The up-and-coming comedian, Gracioux Talker, who recently disclosed that a policeman threatened to kill has said the cop was hunting him for a crime he did not commit. 


He said the member of the defunct Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad that gave him seven days to pray had contacted him again. 

He revealed that the security operative told him that some scammers defrauded his daughter and he was chosen to bear their punishment. 


Talker narrated his ordeal to SaharaReporters on Monday, describing the period as the most devastating time of his life. 

According to him, he has always been indoors since the policeman threatened to kill him. 


“The man recontacted me when I told him that I reported him at the barracks. 


“He eventually told me it was a threat, that some scammers scammed his daughter, so he was looking for the scammers.


“I asked him what was my business if his daughter got scammed and what does the scamming have to do with me? 


“He told me he owes me no explanation and that if I’m not feeling secure, I should go ahead and sue him,” Talker told SaharaReporters. 

When advised to contact human rights organisations and report the matter at the Police Complaints Commission, Talker said he was afraid to be seen in public as the policeman might be out to gun him down. 


“To be frank, I’ve never been myself ever since this guy gave me that threat, because his reasons were not genuine to me. I am always afraid of going out because I still don’t feel secure despite his explanations.


“Please if there’s anyway you can help me please do, I’ll appreciate it.” 

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