Government Introduced Us To AK47s, Supplies Them To Us — Fulani Herdsman

A Fulani herdsman has said Nigerian government officials supply them with AK-47s they use to kill farmers and terrorise communities across the country.

The herder made the statement in a viral video where he was speaking in Hausa to the cheering of the crowd.

He said the herders did not deal with weapons until the government came into the scene and started introducing and supplying them with guns which they use in perpetrating criminality, especially in Southern Nigeria.

“I swear to the Almighty Allah that it’s the government that is giving arms to us. Fulani don’t know what gun is,” he said in Hausa to the applause of others.

“We are only herdsmen. Cows don’t give birth to guns. I swear to Allah, we are on our own and the government supplies AK47s to us. I am not afraid to say the truth.”

The country has been facing security challenges ranging from killings, abductions, destruction of farmlands and other criminal activities, some of which killer Fulani herders have been responsible for. 

This has caused a major crisis in the nation, especially between Northerners and Southerners following which an Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, began negotiating for bandits.

Recently l, President Muhammadu Buhari ordered security agents to shoot any person seen carrying AK-47, but this was criticised by some Southerners who saw it as a ploy to kill their people who had vowed to defend themselves against killer herders and other terrorists in the country.

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