Failed Abduction Of Sunday Igboho By Buhari Is Call To Arms… Bring It On! By Bayo Oluwasanmi

The failed abduction of Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho by General Muhammadu Buhari was expected. Buhari and his Fulani terrorists are terrorizing Yorubas on all fronts. 

Fulani terrorists raped our women. They abducted our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. They maimed and killed our farmers. They drove our families from their homes and farms. They uprooted their livelihoods. Buhari is not only unresponsive to carnage perpetrated by Fulani terrorists. He’s behind the killings of Yorubas by Fulani terrorists.  

We have borne the outrages without retaliation. We are being treated by Buhari as enemies. His actions speak louder than his voice: “Yorubas must be exterminated or driven from their lands.” We have groaned under the iron hand of tyranny and oppression since Buhari became president. But we cannot patiently bear them any longer according to the laws of God and man. We have borne enough. 

It is against this backdrop that Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho’s fight for the emancipation of Yorubas is founded. Igboho is ever in motion. He’s hardly stopped since he attracted national attention during the Ife/Modakeke War. Igboho is an underdog who rose from poverty without political clout to become the Moses of Yorubas. Igboho has captured attention, changed hearts and minds with steadfastness, focus, and strength. Igboho has become the symbol of Yoruba struggle for Oduduwa Nation. 

When all hopes have been lost, when there was no one to lead, and when Yorubas have been pulverized by enemies within and without, Igboho, the soft spoken and humble man, burst into the scene. He gave Yorubas hope and confidence that for our emancipation struggle. Yorubas see the failed abduction of Igboho by Buhari as a call to arms. Instead of Buhari, the unrepentant nepotist, the tribal bigot, the clownish tyrant, and the Sunni Muslim terrorist, to direct his energy and attention to Boko Haram, Miyetti Allah, Gumi, Fulani herdsmen, and all the other northern terrorist groups that read like alphabetical soup, he’s after Igboho whose only offense is fighting for the liberation of Yorubas. 

I grieve with Yoruba traitors and conspirators who are yet to see that the Fulani incursion and invasion of Yoruba land is part of a larger plan by Buhari to overrun Yorubas for Fulani terrorists. Buhari government is incapable of enforcing peace and stability, protect Yorubas in Nigeria from Fulani terrorists. That means a perpetual “war of all against all,” like Thomas Hobbes reminds us. This is the situation of Yorubas. For Yorubas, life has become solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. The only way out for us is to opt out of Nigeria and forge a brand new nation – Oduduwa Republic.

Buhari is fighting the wrong person and the wrong war and for the wrong reasons. Buhari is toying with fire. Yorubas are ready and resolute to leave the Fulani asylum for Fulani inmates “by any means necessary.”  We dare Buhari… Bring it on!

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