Bolu Okupe: Living in Europe Didn’t Influence My Sexuality

Bolu Okupe, who recently came out as a gay person, has refuted claims that growing up in a liberal society influenced his sexuality. 

Bolu revealed his sexual preference in January on Instagram, captioning a picture he posted with ‘Yes I’m Gay AF’. 

The picture had him holding a rainbow flag – a symbol of the LGBT community. 

At the time, his father, Doyin Okupe, described it as a major spiritual challenge and a decision that is contrary to his faith. 

In a recent interview with VanguardLive Tv, Doyin Okupe went further to say his son growing up in Europe played a part in the path he has now chosen. He also said that Bolu was on a godly mission in the gay community. 

He said, “We have always known. We have always known that Bolu is like that and Bolu is even much more than that. It’s incredible what children are capable of doing. Unknown to me, although the other siblings were aware, Bolu had designed his life. 

“He never intended to live in Nigeria and I never knew. Unfortunately for me, his mother took him abroad very early; he did a major part of his secondary school in the UK. So, Bolu thinks and lives European. He is my son but his mind is European.”

Bolu took to social media on Monday to debunk the claim.

He said, “Let’s get something clear. Living in Europe does not influence you to become anything that you aren’t already. It only gives you the freedom to express yourself due to not living in a backwards and hyper judgmental society. 

“It’s 2021, people, get it together.” According to him, he didn’t speak immediately after the interview because he didn’t want to end up on some blogs.

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